Monday, September 2, 2013

Peg People and Alley Art Festival

Work by me, Karen, and Lisa
This past weekend was Alley Art Festival on Water Street in Aurora.  I have to confess that I didn't have any great plans to make my fortunes at this event.  About the week before I got the idea to paint peg people in a decided moment to embrace my love of toy making.  My sister Lisa and friend Brittany Tripp painted some of these little guys, too.  (You'll see pics towards the bottom)  In addition to our work, we had felted dolls and accessories by Karen Heikkila Nicholas who teaches workshops at Lisa's studio if you want to learn needle felting.   Also some crocheted flowers by Laura Steibel O'Brien who leads a knitting circle at Lisa's studio.  It was wonderful as always to spend the day brainstorming and solving the worlds' problems with these creative women.

So, the lesson I learned from this show and from making peg people is that it is OK to want to make original and inspiring toys for kids and/or for ourselves.  I'm happy that there are others around me who enjoy the playfulness of life, too.  

PS  This was the first even where I experienced horrible downpours of rain.  I had some merchandise get wet, but I was able to sun them all morning yesterday.  It made for lots of laughs!

PPS  Lisa and Brittany are beginning an art and nature themed pre-school at Lisa's studio.  Click here to find more information as well as lots of new programming and events coming up!  Stay Tuned!!
Lisa's magnets
Lisa's ceramics
A tree between two tents
Brittany's felted dolls
Karen, Laura, Lisa, Me
Brittany and Lisa
Lisa, Britt, and Me

Nude Pegs

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