Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 This is the last series of adjustments in the process of this painting.  I'm pretty sure I'm done, but I might feel differently later this afternoon or tomorrow.  I wrote lots about this painting in the previous post.  So, I won't say much now.  I would like to hear your impressions, though!

PS  I probably need to take better photos of this painting because it is 3' x 4'-- a challenge to capture in my shallow studio. 


  1. I love the organic textures and color palette, but I'm curious about the shoreline. It doesn't offer much of an illusion of depth; was this intentional? I'm transfixed by the straight line of the shore, though. It forcibly dissects the flowing, round edges of the two main plant patterns in a striking way. Very cool!

    1. Yeah- I wasn't aiming for an illusion of depth, but it was sort of experimental. I'm not sure if it works or not. Thanks for your comments, though. I'm always needing feedback and criticism!