Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"The Machine"

"The Machine"

Photo of a Chicago Bridge
A couple months ago we had a family excursion to the Rainforest Cafe (because it was the middle of winter and the animatronics entertain our kids not because the food is appetizing.)  We took the train and had to walk a few blocks before arriving at our destination.  I eagerly snapped pictures with my phone's camera trying to capture the glimpses of architecture that made me really excited.  Bridges are always a favorite, and the ones crossing Chicago's river are certainly of the broad shoulder category.  I think they are elegant not in spite of their functionality but because of it. 

Today while finishing this painting I've been thinking about how I can let go of the fear of making mistakes.  It's sort of silly to worry about failing when the worst outcome is making a bad painting which can always be erased with gesso.  The best result is discovering something new.  The likely outcome is learning from a wrong choice or decision.  I hope that I can approach each canvas with this freedom to fail and have the courage to share my vulnerabilities with you on this blog. 

PS Lots of these ideas regarding mistakes I absorbed from a TED talk of which I listened to today via an NPR radio program.

PPS Penelope named the painting "The Machine" after I asked her what she thought of it.

PPPS Also interesting I find it curious that I depicted such a large structure on a rather small canvas measuring only 16" x  20".

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