Friday, April 5, 2013

Home is Where the Art is (Part II)

Window from my parents' home

Yesterday, I journeyed west to Elgin with my Mom and Pen in tow.  I always enjoy the scenic drive snaking along the Fox River sandwiched between the golden quarry stone fences and stately, aging houses.  As we crossed subsequent main streets that bisect a series of quaint river towns, we talked about life and death and what lies ahead for us in these next months.  Without a doubt I'm feeling inspired by my family's stories and the physical places that help to illustrate them.  I'm interested in how artifacts and places change as time passes and how these material things reveal and are revealed in memories.
Photograph by Bernard J. Kleina

Arriving in downtown Elgin, we crossed the river locating 51 S. Spring St., the headquarters for ArtSpace Elgin where the "Home is Where the Art is" show is being housed.  The show is an art competition which celebrates fair housing.  I had created one piece for the show, but dropped off three because ---why not?  If you get a chance, learn more about it on-line or in person.  ArtSpace Elgin, offers low-income housing for artists and their families.  (Why didn't I think of that?) and Hope, Fair Housing Center advocates on behalf of those suffering housing discrimination.  Needless to say, I'm proud to be part of such a great effort! Below are the pieces I dropped off.

As I drop off work at ArtSpace this week, I pulled down my Prairie Title Show.  It seems like I hung it such a long time ago.  Also this week, I received news that my "Dying Grandma" painting was not accepted for a Brain and Body themed show at Women Made Gallery in Chicago.  I was disappointed, but glad to know that only 20 some pieces were accepted out of 200 plus applicants.  I'm waiting on another application and have another to submit this month.  So, there are exciting prospects on the horizon. 

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