Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Since I've been a kid, I've dreamed of uncovering an arrowhead.  It would be my sacred totem, my prized magic.  I paced my backyard scouring the grass for archaeological signs, an omen.  On her farm Ann Kuhn told us of her Son plucking unearthed arrows poking from the turned soil.  She said if you walk between the rows of corn and work your toe under the dirt as you go, you might get lucky.  She herself had a large framed display of all the arrowheads she'd collected on her property.  I would gaze at their finely chiseled, symmetrical points longingly.  During vacations at the lake, I would search the beach for interesting stones for my collection.  Sometimes I'd find triangular shaped ones that my brother and I would claim as arrowheads despite our being the wiser.  We wanted to believe in them.  Perhaps I'll find my buried luck on another adventure, but tonight I had loads of fun printing arrowhead postcards with easy cut and speedball ink.  I am a horrible printer--finger prints, kiss marks everywhere.  Nevertheless, I furiously printed a dozen post cards and four poster sized pictures for Magic Bandana.  Now that I see the photos of them, I don't know if they are as great as I had first judged.  Anyway, they were worth every minute. 
printing blocks, I used them like stamps



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