Monday, February 20, 2012

Ragtag Rugs

Rug Sandwich
I finished weaving three rag rugs this weekend despite the best efforts of the stomach flu.  Two went into my Etsy shop, and the other is being donated to a local school's fundraiser.  Aside from thinking of these rugs as little color studies and as challenging puzzles that combine scraps into a cohesive whole, I have been dreaming of them as magic carpets that travel internationally--well, in my imagination anyway. And so, each rug is being assigned a name of a city.  So what is your favorite travel destination or home city?  I need inspiration for my next rugs!  Here are some photos of the recent process and product.  P.S.  If your hometown is Oak Park or nearby check out Green Home Experts on South Blvd. for more Ragtag Rugs.

Winding Warp
Beginning to tie warp onto loom;  Abe and I liken it to Rapunzel's Hair.
Threading the loom

Threading through reed
Thread through heddles
Tied onto back
Wrapping Excess Warp around Back Beam

Positano Rug, I use T.P. as a filler in between rugs
Beginning Jajapur
Beginning to weave Jajapur Rug





  1. Well, right now (because I just got back from there) my favorite travel destination is Varanasi, which is the oldest (still-inhabited) city in the world. It's on the Ganges River and is a holy city for Hindus. What colors would a Varanasi rug be? Orange and cream and yellow like the sadhus or Hindu holy men wear; the salmon of the sun when it first comes up through the mist; the old-gum-on-the-sidewalk color of the river, though maybe that's not very pretty.

    PS--those are gorgeous.

  2. Varansi--I like the sound of it! Thanks for the poetic images and glad you are enjoying your travels.

    PS I'd like to acquire a t-shirt the color of old gum.