Friday, February 3, 2012

Calendars for Charity

Detail from the Dolphin Studio 2012 Calendar 
Inspired by my sister's-in-law annual Christmas calendar gift and a long history of making my own by hand, I'm considering producing my own calendar to raise funds for Annunciation House.  By exploiting the creative potential of current and former volunteers and guests I think we could have an incredible bounty of art and poetry to be showcased in a calendar.  Not only would sales of the calendar benefit the non-profit organization, but it would help spread awareness and celebration of a unique community on the boarder.  Some hurdles and perhaps A-house board member(s) could weigh in:  what's the precedent for A-house participation in this type of fund raising?  I'd be happy to assume the cost of production (although I haven't priced a thing), but would there be enough help in spreading the word to get submissions?  Enough interest in submissions?  Ability to sell calendars in wide variety of cities, markets, etc?  The best thing about calendars is that everyone needs a new one each year.  The worst thing about calendars is being stuck with a stack of unsold ones from the previous year.  We could call it the "New Mayan Calendar"or "Mayan Calendar Part Dos"?  Just Kidding! The world is going to end.  Any ideas?  Manitas, do you want to get in on this?

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