Friday, February 3, 2012

Logo At Last

Pinwheel Painting Detail
Pinwheel Painting

Pinwheel Collage
Pinwheel Collage Detail
If you're reading this you've probably noticed the new banner at the top of this blog.  After hours of painting a pinwheel piece pictured above, I decided it wasn't working.   Perhaps it has another direction to which it needs to go? I may revisit it later.  I decided to start over and pull out some paper scraps.   In less than an hour I cut and pasted a new pinwheel that I like much better.  I think it works well on the screen, and I'm hoping it will look equally great in print.  I've got business cards and tags next on my list!

1 comment:

  1. Yes! I love the new logo. I liked the previous pinwheel painting too, but this new one works better as a logo because it's more...centralized? There's a focal point and a defined boundary...or something like that.

    My only critical comment, which you can ignore, is that now on the website, the logo picture at the top seems a little too long (vertically) to be a header. You have to scroll down to get to any blog content. Which is not so bad, but...I liked the size of the previous header. What would it look like if you cropped the logo into more of a rectangle taken out of its middle?

    Like I said...ignore at will. I generally love it.