Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Art in the Classroom: Passport Project/ 7 Continents

Although I wasn't able to be in the classroom with the first and second graders participating in the passport project for Art in the Classroom, I constructed centerpieces representing the 7 continents.  These displayed various sights and activities that would be in those places.  So, the windmill construction was inspired by the four directions, and the images came from library books.  Choosing which countries to represent and how to represent them was more challenging than I had anticipated.  Do you highlight differences or sameness, antiquities or modern culture, natural phenomenon or urban communities?  I probably stressed unnecessarily in regards to the content,  (This is a common theme these days -- unnecessary stress, that is) but I take education seriously.  I feel a project like this can help expand a child's worldview and help her to realize that the US is not the center of the world as we so often like to think. 

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