Friday, July 26, 2013

Romulus and Remus Climb the Pyramids with Teddy

The next OPAL show is titled: 'The Dog Days of Summer".  Artwork is supposed to include pets or animals in its subject matter.  My Mom gave me an old photo of Nick and me sitting on our back porch steps.  Nick is holding Teddy, our cat.  I had fun painting the background which feels exotic and adventurous.  Watching my kids play outside has triggered memories of playing in our backyard which was like uncharted territory full of discoveries.  I think about how I would play with leaves piercing the stem through the foliage to create a lunchbox.  Likewise Pen has carved out a fort under our grape vine where she talks incessantly telling stories to herself and plucking leaves.  Abe plants forests with twigs and trimmings.  Both are devoted to the plants and flowers tending to them with the utmost care.  I love that the simplest spaces can feel like new worlds.  To me this is the purpose of summer. 

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