Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Big Lake

Mossy rain forest showing marks on our trees
wild flower
In the wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I found adventure, competition, beauty, and most of all relaxation.  Although, it took me a couple of days to shake off the "should-be-doing-something" thoughts and ease into a vacationer's unscripted pace.  I began each day with a jog in the woods and ended each night with a s'more or two.  Some highlights are pictured, but halfway through the trip, my camera battery died, and I chose not to recharge it.  Sometimes you just have to live the moments instead of capturing them.  Very intensely photographed was our dyeing of family shirts in a rainbow colors.  We left them on the rocks overnight to be rinsed by the pouring rain.  The chipmunks were intrigued. 
paper hornets nest

Chalet balconies
powder dyes
dyeing Pen's shirt

Leo's shirt

Peg's rainbow

hot dog break

bocci tournament

shirt snakes on sunning on the rocks

Tom's shirt

Lisa's Shirt

Olivia's shirt

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