Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Friendly Rabbits

So my lovely friends were married this past summer, and what do I give them to honor their union?  A quilt was out of the question because they received a communal quilt pieced from embroidered squares designed and stitched by family and friends.  I had already given them a rag rug for a shower gift.  Then I remembered Emily mentioning her desire for painted portraits.  Tim (a sort of Renaissance man) already fulfilled this request painting a portrait of them in Italy.  Not wanting to overshadow his efforts but only add to their collection, I decided to paint my friends as they truly are--as small, furry animals. This painting is based on photo taken at their rabbit party which honored the zodiac year of the same name.  I think it captures their love for life and its quirky nature which they ever so generously share with us.  To be friends with Emily and Tim is a blessing unto itself.  I'm one lucky bunny. 

PS I hope they receive the painting before they read this blog post which I am sure they will read because of their utter devotion to Pinwheel Anna. 

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