Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pilgrim Gala Quilt

Fabric In-Waiting
 For the last week and half, I've been working steadily on the Pilgrim Quilt which will be auctioned at their gala next month.  I had some design speed bumps, but I'm happy with the final result.  In fact, it will be hard to let the quilt go!  I can take comfort in knowing that it will likely be used for the construction of awesome blanket forts or as a spread under the fireworks this summer.
Some Pieced Pieces

Scraps and Pins

Ready For Basting

Set For Quilting

Quilting---If I do more of these, I may invest in a quilting machine. 

Finished Quilt Front

Detail of Front


Another Detail


  1. Anna, The quilt is beautiful... and inspiring. I've never made a quilt (my mom's a quilter, though), and I'd like to finally make a simple one this year. You make it look so easy and less intimidating...

    1. Amy,

      If you can sew aprons and bags, you can easily make a quilt. I'm not a precise quilter or sewer by any means. I'm often tearing pieces and guesstimating measurements etc. Have you seen the quilts of Gee's Bend? I am so inspired by them. When I find some time, I want to make a tote bag!
      We could exchange tips.

  2. My vote - you should keep making more - there is an unfulfilled demand for blanket forts, picnics, beds and couches in need of the whimsical and the beautiful