Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Best Older Friend --- 1990

Grandma Flip Flops
I've been seriously under the weather these past few days and very behind in my blogging.  My Mom did bring me my Grandma's flip flops and the original essay I wrote about her.  I didn't realize that I was  a couple years older than I had remembered.  Also, it doesn't seem like my writing has evolved that much in the last 21 years.  Grab a tissue for the "cookie/wrinkle" line and stay tuned for my next post.

"My Best Older Friend"

Grandma Schalz is the Grandma on my Mom's side.  She's a lively seventy-six year old.  You would think she would be in a retirement home, but instead she works in one!  She's an immaculate housekeeper.  The residents love every bit of her.  They give her delicious treats, which she shares with me.  

My Grandma enjoys cooking and baking.  She spends her spare time baking the "never-stop-eating cookies. "  You won't stop eating until you see your face in the bottom of the tin.  She bakes the cookies to have just the right amount of wrinkles to match the wrinkles that are worn on her hand.  That's what makes them so good.  

Our family shares a paper route.  Every day my Grandma comes over and helps majorly on the paper route.  I'm sixty six years younger than my Grandma and she can walk faster than I can!

My Grandma makes me laugh.  One thing that makes me smile is her unique "Grandma-slang."  She manages to change a letter or two in a word or name and from then on that's it with Grandma.

She makes me feel good about myself.  Daily she affirms me by telling me "Anna you are fast, just like me."  "Anna you always get your homework done right away."  I'm glad my name is the same as my Grandma's, Anna, "My Best Older Friend."

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