Saturday, January 21, 2012

Heart Strings

Paper Hearts in Piles

I always love when you can combine passions into a singular task.  In this case, it's making garlands and spending time with my kids.  Whenever Abe wants to paint, I pull out some sheets of watercolor paper and get to work making painted paper.  The more layered and splattered the better.  So if the kids help out there is nothing to worry about.  In fact, Abe inspired a new technique of printing with an old cardboard dowel from one of my weaving yarns which ended up making a stippled effect.  Another reason to love making garlands is to savor the beautiful images created by the process.  Check out the photos posted and then try making some!
Make several sheets of  painted paper.  This shows the Abe dowel rod technique.
Cut your hearts out, but don't eat them.  Keep the remains for confetti to celebrate the completion of your project.
Choose complimentary yarn.  In this case hand died cotton yarn leftover from my weaving class  at CCA

Stitch the hearts together
Hang and Enjoy

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