Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day One of Mural Making: Goldilock's Chair

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 At last, it was time to begin the mural!  I underestimated the size of this project both dimensionally and laboriously.  The rough surface eats up my paint and slows me down.  That said, I'm happy with my first days work, and looking forward to completion over the next weeks depending on sunshine and childcare.  If you happen to be on South Blvd. between Humphrey and Taylor, check it out and the other murals standing by.

PS I enjoyed the variety of passerby with their questions and comments of encouragement; however, my favorite came from a little four-year-old-ish boy who identified the mural as the very chair from the Goldilocks story.  Mission accomplished!
I might prefer this simplicity

in context with other murals and Uniion Pacific West tracks

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