Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pop Design Art and Interiors Set-Up Complete!

 Well, I worried and measured and lost sleep and drew plans and pillaged my house for furniture and containers and finally the Pop up studio display is installed!  I owe major thanks to my Mom for supplying a van for transporting awkwardly sized shelves and for having clutch parking abilities.  Thanks to Bryan (cool glass artist and organizer of event) for carrying said awkward shelves into the storefront, and thanks, as always, to Mary and Pete for watching Penelope while this Herculean Endeavor was accomplished.   Yes, I'm not overstating how I can fester small hiccups into large stress belches.(?)  I am really good a fretting even though I know it will work out as it always does.  Somehow logistics, especially regarding making connections, become really overwhelming to me.  It's not flying that bothers me, it's getting luggage checked, passing through security (I always think they'll catch me), finding the gate, avoiding being in the bathroom when they are boarding etc.  So for now, I can buckle my seat belt and browse the Sky Mall catalogue and hope that everything sells.  Now if I can just stop worrying about dismantling the show and claiming my baggage.  What's that about not sweating the small stuff?

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