Sunday, July 6, 2014


 I'm so obsessed with the shrines in Oaxaca, that I had to make my own.  I used cereal boxes, tape, glue, paint, colored pencils, and marker to make this three-some.  In the center is La Virgen de Guadalupe.  To the left is Nuestra Senora de Soledad, the patroness of Oaxaca City, and all the way to the right is Nuestra Senora de Juquila, the patroness of Oaxaca State.  Now for some miracles. . .

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saint Jerome's

I regard these little paintings as exercises which I tire of after an hour or two.  They are like sketches with paint.  I do miss working on bigger projects--that begin with a vision or a compulsion which I feel driven to bring into being.  Perhaps this is not the time to be undertaking such a project when most of my time and energy is devoted to soaking up the creative energies in which I am immersed.  Perhaps the big projects will come later after I've digested a bit.